In The Footsteps of Saint David Lewis

Abergavenny: Thursday 17th July 2008
P7170452 P7170454  Father Augustine was the famous Benedictine writer who was the great uncle of Saint David Lewis. P7170455 P7170456
P7170459  Our Group relaxing after a perfect day, with a perfect afternoon tea P7170460  Sister Celsus and Sister Francis Xavier P7170461 P7170462
P7170463 P7170464 P7170465 P7170466  Our Host and Friends
P7170469 P7170470  Jean Bevans Dog Barney P7170471  Jean Bevans Cat Patch P6050243  Various photographs within the Church
P7170385 P7170387  Our group looking at the vestments P7170388  Father Thomas, showing Friends of Saint David Lewis the vestments, believed to have been worn by Saint Philip Evans and Saint David Lewis. P7170390
P7170391 P7170394 P7170398 P7170400
P7170401 P7170403 P7170404 P7170406
P7170407 P7170408 P7170409 P7170411
P7170413 P7170414 P7170415 P7170416
P7170417 P7170418 P7170420  Our group looking at the mural that is now exhibited in the Castle Museum P7170421
P7170426 P7170428 P7170430  The former owner of Gunter Mansion, Thomas Gunter had a hidden Chapel in the loft where Our Patron, Saint David Lewis celebrated Mass. P7170431
P7170432 P7170433 P7170435 P7170438
P7170439 P7170440 P7170444  St. Johns Church was a Pre - Reformation Parish Church. In 1542 it became King Henry VIII Grammar School where David Lewis was educated and where his father was Headmaster. P7170445
P7170446 P7170448 P7170449  Our group looking at the old school P7170450