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The Box Of PencilsThe Box Of Pencils

The Story of the Box of pencils

The chief pencil stood up every morning, before the shop opened and addressed his fellow pencils thus: ‘Friends, we must never forget five most important features of our lives:

1. We were created to leave a mark.
2. What is within us is far more important than the exterior.
3. We must be constantly paired down to be truly effective.
4. We are of no use whatsoever until we are held in someone’s hand.
5. We have been crowned with an eraser; so that our mistakes can be wiped out

 Reflecting on this story in a prayerful way…

1. We have been created by God to leave a mark.  Each of us is unique.
2. Our exterior gifts “good looks, smile, charm of manner etc.” are good, but it is our inner relationship with God in prayer…with our nobler selves (with truth, integrity, unfeigned charity) and with others in service and charity, that is far more important.
3. We must accept “the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune” … “if you want to be a follower of mine, you must deny yourself and take up your cross and follow me,” – these we must accept if we are to be confirmed to the likeness of Christ, and so be effective witnesses of His in the world.
4. We must place ourselves in God’s hands.  Of myself I am nothing, but God and me – we are a daunting majority.
5. An eraser wipes out mistakes.  Jesus, by his death on the cross has wiped away our sins.  ‘By his wounds We are healed, His punishment leads to our peace and our freedom.’

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